Food Fiends

Food Fiends People often have difficulty finding places to eat, especially in groups. These difficulties can be due to picky eaters, dietary restrictions, price restrictions, and other factors. My Role: UX Researcher Collaborators: Dymen Barkis, Elizabeth Codick, and Rachel Simizon Initial Research and Analysis Interviews | Affinity Diagram | Key Findings | Consolidated Sequence Model … Continue reading Food Fiends

Pixel Paper

Pixel Paper This case study is focused on communications and resource sharing between high school students and faculty. The goal of this project was to create website and app prototypes to show a possible solution for the disconnect felt in remote learning. My Role: UX Researcher & Designer Collaborators: Dymen Barkis, Elizabeth Codick, and Sagarika … Continue reading Pixel Paper

Metaproject 10

Metaproject 10 Book There is a publication for each year of Metaproject, an annual RIT Industrial Design senior project. This is the publication created for the 10th year. See also the box I designed to hold this and the previous 9 years’ books, as well as the exhibit that celebrated all 10 years of Metaproject. … Continue reading Metaproject 10

Signatures 34

Signatures 34 Signatures is Rochester Institute of Technology’s student-run art and literary magazine. I served as the Design Lead for the 34th year of the magazine. I led the magazine with Alecia Lutrario (Literary lead) and Katie Gardner (Marketing lead). My design team included Kat Ward and Gabby Oppenheim. The 34th year of Signatures was … Continue reading Signatures 34